5 Q’s: How We Doin’ Talk w/ Keaton Bowlby

He is one of those creative guys pushing wakeskating. His newest video-project will be another milestone for the sport. Here is a short chat with Keaton Bowlby about “How We Doin’“.

Fortunately there are still some left. Guys who push wakeskating and give everything, to grow the sport. Without them, we wouldn’t see much about this aesthetic way of water dancing anymore. One dude who must be named is Keaton Bowlby. He is the man behind Ascending Works and producer of some great art. His newest piece: “How We Doin’“.


On April the 16th 2020 his project, which was shot together with Mitchel Reed Cobb aka. For The Gator and Tad Mathews of Wesubsist, will be released. The movie was filmed at Valdosta Wake Compound and not only therefore received quite a lot of attendance from the community. That’s why we had a quick chat with Keaton about HWD.


Hi Keaton. What’s the idea for HWD and when did you start the planning?

Keaton: Our goal is to continue creating pieces like this for as long as we can.  While filming “Trial & Error“, we all had a small talk about what would be next. I think it’s fair to say that this trip has been in plans for well over a year. We all are in constant contact about where to go next and what will work/won’t work. The location is as crucial as anything. Places like Valdosta Wake Compound really cater to the situation to be able to create these short films in such a small period of time.



How many filming days did you guys have and when?

Keaton: HWD took us about six days to shoot in November 2019. The first day we showed up, we added the metal hand rail and repainted the wakeskate setup that was previously constructed at their location.



What’s your favorite part?

Keaton: My favorite part of the entire process would have to be the executing of the plan. We don’t just pick a location and show up; we try to plan with the parks, discuss builds with each rider, and decide how to shoot this film a little different than our last. Valdosta was a perfect canvas to move stuff around, experiment with new rails such as the clacker, and really push wakeskating in the direction we want it to go.

Here something more to tease you:

Foto: Mathews


What was the most fun moment whilst filming for HWD?

Keaton: Just about every moment is funny while we are embarking on these films. The crew has all been riding together for around a decade, so everything is good vibes and cheers all around. When you see the video, I think you’ll agree.



Why should our readers definitely watch the premiere?

Keaton: Because there is a LIVE RAFFLE of goods from our sponsors! EVERYONE should watch the live premier! No matter if you wakeboard, surf, skate – ALL WELCOME. We are trying something new with this live premier and would love the support of the entire industry. Also during these strange times, a lot of people are at home and going stir crazy. Why not come together to view something special, together?
One last thing: At the end of the day, I am trying to create an opportunity to showcase wakeskating the way we want. The riders are the legends. I am beyond thankful for them and their drive.

Thanks for your time. Now everybody should be even more amped for the release of the movie. So don’t miss out on the premiere going down on April 16th at midnight, 12.00 pm (CET) on YouTube.


Some more infos:

  • Comments will be enabled on YouTube. Let’s have a conversation.
  • Important notice: once the premier starts, you will NOT be able to rewind until the first viewing is done.
  • There is a hidden phrase at the end of the film for you to remember. This code will enable you to enter our raffle with prizes from the movies sponsors!

Right after the premiere @valdostawakecompound Instagram will host a live session where the riders will chime in and answer some questions about the film as well as a quick overview of their experience. During this live, type the message in the comments to be enabled in the raffle. It’s as easy as that. Show support, watch a few NBD’s, enter a raffle.

Sounds like a plan. And there are some reasons, why you should watch the premiere, even though the time is not that perfect for Europeans. We will join it, so maybe see each other there. For all those missing out on that: the movie will be available on our site afterwards.


If you want to see the full trailer, jump over and watch it (again).