5 Q’s: Victor Salmon talkin’ about the lockdown, More Soap & vlogging

We caught up with Victor Salmon and asked him 5 questions. Read what the Bangkok local had to say:


Hey Victor, Thai Wake Park has been closed for 3 weeks now. Were you guys hit by surprise with how severe the situation is?

Victor: Yeah dude! I remember that day in the morning. We were talking with the owners of the park and they were saying 100% the cable’s staying open. Then like 2 hours after that some government officials came and said they had to shut the park the whole month of May. So that was definitely a big shocker!


What’s the deal with “More Soap”?

Victor: Maann More Soappp, haha. It’s basically a clothing brand that me and my homie Aaron started for fun last year here in Thailand and it picked up really quick so this year we went all in and trying to make it legit. We also did a colab with Quantum Wakeskates and made some wakeskates and now were working on getting skateboard decks ready for the summer!



Seems like a pretty timely name right now. Wouldn’t you recon?

Victor: Yeah haha. We would have never thought that! Not complaining cause the whole situation is kinda helping sales, even though how we got the name and idea has got nothing to do with that, haha.


A lot of pros shy back from vlogging. What’s your take on it?

Victor: Haha yeah quite a few pros gave me shit when I started it. But I always got good feedback from riders and people watching the videos. Plus, I enjoy making them, so I don’t care what they got to say about it. I also think it’s a really good way of getting yourselves out there because whenever you get into something, the first thing you do is go watch YouTube videos about it. So, people getting into wakeboarding will most likely come across the wake vloggers videos, haha.



I’ve heard a crew of circa 15-year old rippers in Langenfeld say they love your shit because you’re so relatable. Do you think the vlogging format helps with that?

Victor: Yeah it definitely helps to get people to know what kind of person you are, because it’s not only wakeboarding. The main topic is wakeboarding, but you show everything that goes on around and in your daily life. Then making videos that aren’t about wakeboarding show what kind of things you’re into and all that. So, I definitely think it’s a good way of getting yourself out there!