All info for Red Bull WakeDuel 2023

This season highlight is coming up: For the eighth time in a row Red Bull WakeDuel will take place at 313 Cable Park from June 08-10. In this article you will find information about the format and the participating riders.

Livestream date and times

A very important info in advance, there will be a livestream! This will take place on Saturday, June 10 from 11 am-6 pm (EEST / UTC+2). There are not many livestream broadcasts in a wakeboard season so we suggest you mark this date in your calendar. How about this? Make it a date with your wakeboard squad and watch the livestream together to make it more fun. Commentating on the livestream will be Clint Liddy and David O’Caoimh. It’s going to be a good time!


Here are the most important times for Saturday, June 10

11:00 am EEST: Livestream start
11:05 am EEST: Women’s Round of 16 –> 8 –> 4
01:00 pm EEST: Men’s Round of 32 –> 16 –> 8 –> 4
05:00 pm EEST: Women’s Final
05:15 pm EEST: Men’s Final
06:00 pm EEST: Award Ceremony

All of these times are estimated so please follow social media for possible adjustments.

*To make it easier for you to calculate the time difference: 11:00 am EEST
= 09:00 am in London
= 10:00 am in Germany
= 05:00 am in Florida
= 04:00 pm in Bangkok
= 07:00 pm in Sydney

Qualification on Thursday

The participation at Red Bull WakeDuel is very intense like every year and so some well-known names have to fight their way through the qualification first. This will take place on Thursday, before the start of the livestream. Well-known and promising names are there. Among them: Nico Von Lerchenfeld, Dom Hernler, James Windsor, Raph Trinidad, Benny Heatley, Luke Carrick and Busty Dunn. It’s going to be tough!

Last year's winner Trent Stuckey is back on the grid again in 2023

These riders are already seeded

The following 16 riders are seeded for the Round of 32 in the men’s competition, based on the previous year’s results or wild cards.

Seeded Men
1. Gavin Stuckey US
2. Enzo Asseraf FR
3. Joe Battleday UK
4. Felix Georgii DE
5. Jules Charraud FR
6. Trent Stuckey US
7. Albin Randow SE
8. Max Milde DE
9. Alfie Constable UK
10. Liam Peacock UK
11. Domantas Kazickas LT
12. Victor Salmon BE
13. Silver Milpak EE
14. Alex Aulbach DE
15. Pedro Caldas BR
16. Dominik Gührs DE


And the following 8 women for the Round of 16.

Seeded Women
1. Mari-Liis Siimon EE
2. Melanie Besnard FR
3. Jamie Lopina US
4. Viltė Matuzevičiūtė LT
5. Rivers Hedrick US
6. Sanne Meijer NL
7. Maryh Rougier FR
8. Joelina Gerards DE


Claudia Pagnini is unfortunately still out due to injury
The 2022 men's podium: Trent Stuckey (1st), Timo Kapl (2nd), Liam Brearley (3rd).
In the women's competition they were: Claudia Pagnini (1st), Jamie Lopina (2nd), Julia Rick (3rd).

The Duel mode

From Saturday on, starting with the Round of 16, the name of the game will be: Duel. In head-to-head mode, two riders will compete against each other, with the winner of each paring making it to the next round. The catch: The riders are simultaneously on the water. This is possible because the run is divided into three section and each judge is only responsible for one section. At home in the livestream you will always be able to follow two riders in the split screen. By the way, the first pairings will be drawn Friday night – so a bit of chance is already preprogrammed. It’s going to be an exciting one either way! For all those who want to understand the mode on Saturday already in more detail, here is an explanation of the procedure.


We are really looking forward to the next edition of Red Bull WakeDuel and will report from on-site. You will find the livestream link here on our website in time. See you there!

Photos: Scowls and Dranginis