Kasspatz’n, cold beers and fancy shootings: Bryan Soderlind in Germany

Talking about photographers in our community, Bryan Soderlinds name is definitely going to drop. Well deserved, as he is an influencing part of Wakeboarding for quite some time.

If a guy manages to submit content worth printing nearly an entire magazine, he must be a hell of a photographer. And yes, he is!

We already had an article about Bryan Soderlind in issue no. 11, but there where some open questions, which we now asked. Enjoy the chat with this friendly, funny and highly talented guy from the US.


Hi Bear. Well, doesn’t sound like an average nickname. How did you get it and when?

Bear: When I was 19 I met some guys that decided I looked a lot like the old pro golfer Jack Nicklaus who is nicknamed “The Golden Bear”. He’s the original and I was named after him. I don’t really look like him that much anymore with the beard but I could see the resemblance when I was younger.

Haha. I thought it was because of your blond beard.


Anyway, funny story and that is why we ask you to show us a portrait from that time. Here it is. And to compare it with the “original”, follow this Link –> Jack Nicklaus aka. The Golden Bear.

“As soon as I tried some “Kasspatz’n” I knew I was going to love the food the rest of the trip.“ – Bryan Soderlind

Always on fire whilst the Night Shooting at Munich

The trip for issue no. 11 was your first time in Germany? Did you like it? Give us some points that come to your mind, if you think about the trip.

Bear: The trip was my first time to Germany and I loved it. Munich was so impressive and modern. Everyone drives the best sporty station wagons! Then onto the countryside I just couldn’t get over the beautiful views and great weather and open countryside. As soon as I tried some “Kasspatz’n“ I knew I was going to love the food the rest of the trip. (Note: of course that traditional meal from the Allgäu had to be offered; it’s some kind of noodles and cheese with fried onion –> delicious) The air just felt fresh everywhere we went. I was always thinking about how enjoyable it was being outside. The coffee was incredible and the beer never gave me a hangover, always appreciative of that!

Good to know you loved it, and we did so, to have you here. First on the map was the girls night shoot. What did you expect and did everything end up the way you wanted it?

Bear: I wasn’t sure what to expect on the girls shoot, but was stoked knowing I had great lighting to work with, since we rented some serious firepower. Riding at night is always difficult though. Mix in riding a really large setup and the ladies first time riding it and you never know. The setup’s distance between land and water made shooting & lighting the whole thing pretty tough. The ladies killed it though. I was so pumped on how hard they all charged it. We went late into the night shooting too. It was surreal sitting out on a SUP board at 3am under Munich Tower in Olympiapark.

You gave everything and ended up in the water. Who impressed you most, whilst shooting at the Olympiapark?

Bear: All the girls rip way harder than I realized! I don’t think I had shot with any of them before and the setup was really scary for the guys when they were hitting it earlier that day. The girls absolutely blew me away!!!!!!

Hands down, you killed it as the girls did.

The action was so impressive, that there will be a “Pro Ladies“ category at Munich Mash 2019. For sure our shooting was a key reason, which ended in this decision. Here are some shots Bryan took at Munich during “Girls Night Out“ Shooting, that didn’t make it into print, because we had to select and some we wanted to publish again.

The Girls Night Out Crew
Anna Nikstad
Luca Glinski
Carro Djupsjö
Maryh Rougier
Ange Schriber
Momo Dudzinski
Anne Freyer

More about Bear tripping through Germany and Austria with us, follows on the next side.

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