Carlo Dela Torre: Clovid20

Carlo Dela Tore, who goes by the nickname “C-lo” may not be on your radar if you’re not from Asia. But over there, this guy is a living legend and one of the earliest to strap on a wakeboard in Thailand and The Philippines. Fast forward to 2020 and you have C-lo managing the Decawake Cable Park Clark, north of Manila.

On an international level, C-lo is especially known for his MC skills at major IWWF competitions. That’s why the following clip not only contains footage from the Philippines, but also from the IWWF Worlds 2019 in Argentina and spots in Brazil and Mexico too. This wild mixture of clips has been sleeping on C-lo’s hard drive and has now, thanks to Covid-19 downtime, founds its way into the internet. We love the good vibes: C-lo claims old tricks and continues to push his own riding. Just as it should be.

If you paid attention, you may have noticed that the Philippines has more cables than the legendary Camsur Watersports Complex. Currently 8 full size cables and another 6 2.0 spots can be found there. C-lo seems to have spend a lot of time at Pradera Wakepark and obviously at Decawake Clark. But what we paid attention to especially, is the heavy 2.0 spot starting at minute 01:52. That spot is called We Legendary Park and is located south of Davao City. Holy shit! We wish we had more legit metal rails like that in Germany. Nice to see how the Philippines play their role in pushing our beloved sport. C-lo and his crew #homiesapproved most definitely play their role in that. Cheers guys!

C-lo is a friendly guy. Don't be shy to say hi.
Method? Check. | All photos: Susan Larsson

Thanks C-lo for the clip. We hope to see more content from these amazing Filipino parks again soon.