Dominik Gührs Signature Vest: Ion Collision Select FZ

Dominik Gührs has his own signature vest with Ion for years now. The Collision Vest Select FZ is now available and got some new features as well as a decent design for 2019.

Whether it‘s about added buoyancy or peace of mind on the water – these vests are designed to take your riding to the next level with confidence. Forever pushing innovation and design Ion takes pride in the optimized construction and intricate details that they believe make all the difference. Since 2011 they‘re making sure that all their vests meet the CE standards and pass the rigorous testing process according to PPD89/686/EEC.

Almost traditionally, Ion develops its high-class protection model in collaboration with multiple world champ Dominik Gührs. Because he is not only a rider with lots of experience on the water, but also a guy who knows exactly where an extra protection in case of hard slams is needed.

This year the sophisticated technical features are being complemented by the special capsule design. This exclusive artist collection unites some of the best products in terms of technical details within Ion’s range.

The look of the new Ion Collision Vest Select is mainly black with some added patterns on the chest and and back parts. You’ll find these design elements in various products of this seasons lineup.

A refined material mix made for ambitious riders that want to
push the limit – the Collision Vest Select FZ features a unique panel design for seamless rib and spine protection. Slightly thinner paddings, light foam and highly flexible materials provide a comfortable and snug fit as well as great freedom of movement.

If you’re looking for a new vest, take your time to check the new Dominik Gührs signature Collision Vest. Because something that protects Nikki from big impacts won’t be a bad choice for you either?

On the next side, you’ll find out more about the vests of Ion’s 2019 collection.

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