Dressed Up: The New Sesitec System 2.0

Wakeboarding without Sesitec’s System 2.0? Well, the sport would be less multifaceted, less available and, yes … less big. The two tower wakeboard system has been installed a few hundred times all around the world since its invention more than ten years ago. Now it got fundamentally revised and optimized to make it even better. The new System 2.0 … wow!

Simplification has always played an integral role in Sesitec’s company history. It’s major goal of the German engineers to make things easier, quicker and more durable. With this major update of the original two tower cable they were able to combine technical innovation with tried and tested quality.

According to Sesitec’s own words this is hands down the best System 2.0 they’ve ever had. Everything on the drive, deflection and carrier unit can now be replaced without taking off the running cable. A new platform on top of the tower ensures comfortable maintenance while the counterweight for the full size cable feeling is now available for the System 2.0 as well.

“The best System 2.0 we’ve ever had”

All that counts and better than every Game Boy: The new System 2.0 control device looks amazing and is highly functional …

Based on their broad experience Sesitec had a lot of ideas how to improve and develop the system even further. The new System 2.0 comes with a lot of great features that make mainentance so much easier. This saves both time and money, and guarantees that the 2.0 is always in good shape – to make the riding experience outstanding.

Key Features:

  • Single-sided head mount
  • Exchangable pulley linings
  • Tension-free transmission
  • Easy running cable replacement
  • New maintenance platform
  • Carrier maintenance while tensioned
  • Counterweight available
  • New geometries and design features
… and the wire-less brother also knows how to make operators happy. The System 2.0 Recon is a true cult item and can been found at any major contests, in coaching sessions and pretty much everywhere else. The new design suits her well!

If you are interested in Sesitec’s System 2.0 and starting your own wake park project, don’t hesitate to check out www.sesitec.com and get in touch with the team behind it.