Esteban Diruy: Give ’em hope!

The said BS 540 into the bank

A French youngster who, according to Joumy, has a bright the future? That makes us prick up our ears. And indeed: Esteban Diruy is really going for it – be sure to check out the video from Champagne Wake Park.

Already the first backside 540 into the bank promises great things. Esteban is only 16 years old and already has a lot of style. It’s no coincidence that the song for the video is called “Give him hope”. Joumy – one of the most diligent content producers at the moment – wants to make his rookie buddy known and help him get his first sponsor. Good stuff!

If you don’t know Champagne Wake Park yet, be sure to put it on your bucket list. Thanks Joumy and Esteban for the clip, we wish you guys a good season 2022!

"I will continue to apply joumy's tips to become even stronger and more stylish" – Esteban Diruy