EXPLORA LO NUEVO: A wakeboard trip to Argentina

Journeying around the world with a wakeboard, discovering new places and having the best possible time with a great crew along the way. Steffen Vollert, Dylan Miller, Alex Graydon and Antoine Allaux made the most of their trip to Argentina, while producing one of the best videos of the year.

Traveling is always a blast, in and of itself. But to truly burn a trip into memory and maintain a high “that was heavy” standard, all kinds of different factors have to align. A lot depends on the destination, the composition of the crew and your own attitude—that much is clear. Preparation is also important, although leaving room for spontaneous decisions while on the road is a guarantee for interesting stories and personal memories.

Steffen, Dylan, Alex and Antoine are experienced travelers, but Argentina was terra incognita for them. The crew let this trip come as it may, freeing themselves from any expectations beforehand. Explora lo nuevo… chock full of motivation to experience the local culture, people and of course, the wakeboarding scene.

On their journey, the four visited several top wake parks, as well as—it has to be mentioned—embarked on a side trip to Brazil to ride behind the boat. All of the boys helped to film the video—camera skills always pay off. Mastermind Steffen then completed this well-crafted edit from the trip.

A nine-page print article with the best photos, stories and the crew’s lasting memories from the trip appeared in The Cable Issue No. 11. Click here to visit the shop and get your copy.