Ten years. From a small start-up in the shadows of a garage, to a leading part in wake industries. All began with wakeboard-handles, but is now known for high quality wetsuits, vests and all that comes with it. Welcome to Follow season 10.

Those who know Follow as a manufacturer of wakeboard-handles, might have missed out on what happend within the last years. The brand from Australia offers so much more for their season 10. That is why their 10th anniversary brand-book is waiting with more than 200 fresh looking pages and so many nice products.

Leafing through, definitely hooks you up. Those guys behind Follow are 100 percent committed to our sports. Are wakeboarders by themselves. And therefore know what is needed and know about the look and feel. That’s what is provided with every product – and there is a whole bunch of stuff for season 10. For sure handles, which are also shown in the brands logo, are still one thing, but besides there is so much more Follow offers.

One of the main topics for the jubilee: Layering 3.0 – stay warm, look great. That’s it! Additionally a big selection of vests and wetsuits, which suits to every wakeboards needs. Handles, as mentioned, are still a thing as well as clothing, shades and some accessories, which round up the portfolio.

Another key to success for Follow, is the team. Anna Nikstad, Ange Schriber, Raph Derome, Massi Piffaretti, Brenton Priestley and Alex Aulbach are only some to mention. All of them are big names in wakeboarding with tons of expertise to make great products even better. This is what it’s all about.

Scroll through the brand-book and feel the vibe:

“Our main goal has always been to make product that we – and in turn, wakeboarding – can be proud of.“ – Steven Anderson, Follow Founder

Helmet: Check. Layer Jacket: Check.
Big Air: Check check.


Cheers to another ten! For sure with surprising, innovative and all in all awesome products.

More from Follow: followwake.com