Graeame Burress and the gigantic Pool at 313 Cable Park

A setup that is second to none and a daredevil rider that is second to none too. We are talking about the 313 Cable Park and Graeme Burress. Sit back and enjoy the show from Lithuania.

The so called bi-level pool and bobber from Unit, coupled with the stuntman mentality of the American, have us sitting on the front edge of our office chair. Ingenious, what reaches us once again from Lithuania. It’s a bit surprising that Graeme could be seen at so few events this year (why is that so?) – but it’s nice that he dedicates himself to such video projects. He got support from his compatriot and Hyperlite buddy JB Oneill and of course from the crew at 313 Cable Park. Thanks for pushing 313 and Graeme!

Fotos: Scowls
Video: Gintas

The setup was adjusted for this edit
Rail to Pool Bobber - where if not at 313 Cable Park?