Wakeskating is alive. And maybe it’s more beautiful than ever before. “How We Doin’“ showcases the stunning aesthetic part of this sport. Wow.

The first trailer already showed us, that something big is coming our way. Wakeskating was rarely, or maybe never before,  shown in the way Keaton Bowlby does with his movie “How We Doin’“.

Some of the best boys in wakeskating gathered at Valdosta Wake Compound last fall in order to film this piece of art, produced by Keaton. Along with him it was Maxime Giry, Bammer Rehn, Andrew Pastura, Trey Seneff, Cole Kraiss and Keaton himself doing the action. Mitchell Reed Cobb and Tad Mathews helped with the shooting. In the end they produced a pleasure, which helps to get through these weird times. Definitely needs to be continued!


If you’re interested in some background of this project, you’ll find a quick chat with the Mr. HWD, Keaton Bowlby on our site.