Interview with Wesley Mark Jacobsen about “Space Tapes”

Wesley Mark Jacobsen and the rest of the SpaceMob collective have come up with a dope project. The online video team contest “Space Tapes” which is already well underway. We talked to Wes about how many teams signed up, where the idea came from, but started it all off with an easy question: Wesley’s time in Deutschland.

Wes is cruising through Germany right now with his girlfriend Sina Fuchs. He’s already dropped by a few cables along the way and is currently working and chilling pretty much next to our doorstep: the beautiful Allgäu area in southern Germany. Last week he surprised us when he came knocking the doors of our office together with Tobias Michel, aka. Lack Boy. Let’s get down to it and ask Wes some questions!

Sunrise hikes at Grünten Mountain next to Wasserskilift Allgäu


Yo, Wes. How’s Germany so far?

Germany is great so far. I have a lot of work to do so we’ve just been chilling at different cables working and riding. The weather is perfect for camping in Sina’s copycatsclub mobile.



Where are you headed to next?

We are at Allgäu at the moment and next we going to Berlin to celebrate mine and Sina‘s birthdays. No real plans just cruising around riding and working. Between space tapes and 2022 graphics I am overloaded with work so that has to come first.

Chillin' and riding with Sina


Let’s talk about Space Tapes. We’ve noticed that there’s a lot less Instagram content floating around. Is that something you noticed too?

Space Tapes happened after we canceled Yard Sale for the year and it’s absolutely blown the fuck up. It’s insane. Yes I have noticed a lot less content on Instagram because I think everyone is filming for Space Tapes which I think is a nice thing. In wakeboarding I would like to see more real edits and less Instagram bullshit. Everyone is so concerned about likes, followers, and comments that no one is making real edits that have a vibe. I think this needs to change, I hope space tapes opens up the eyes of riders and the industry.




How many teams have already registered for Space Tapes?

We have 74 teams signed up for Space Tapes! When we started this contest I thought that 30 teams would be an insane number to hit so now having 74 is honestly a little overwhelming, but we will manage. No problem.


5. Wow, that is a lot! Tell us some cool things about the teams that have come together.

The coolest thing for me is seeing riders like Manu Rupp and Mitch Langfield coming out of the woodwork, organizing a team and are stoked to ride and film again. These are legends in our sport. We even have a few kneeboard teams assembled and I think that is dope. Do what you want, fuck what people think. I think the amount of diversity we will have with all of these edits will be truly amazing.


We saw you re-posted the rules a few times. How hard and time consuming is it to get this bunch organized?

Honestly with this many teams it has been a royal pain in my ass trying to organize all the information for every team. But no problem, we working through it.



How is it all going to go down? Will all the videos be released the same day?

First we are going to do a live viewing of the judges watching every video for the first time. But with this many teams we will probably do it in four separate episodes. Then I think we will narrow the contestants down to 10 top teams and do an awards show. This is still being worked out between myself Quinn Silvernale and Dylan Miller along with other judges Andy Kolb, Parks Bonifay and Sina Fuchs. I’m super confident in the team that we have built to handle all of this work efficiently and effectively.



Anything you want to add?

I couldn’t be more stoked for Space Tapes and thanks to all of our sponsors that believe in us and I truly believe that we are about to host the best international wakeboard contest that has ever been held. Thank you.

Thanks for your time, Wes. 74 teams is an insane number. Multiplied by 4 team members this is close to 300 riders. Wow. We’re even more excited for Space Tapes to go down now.


Action Shot: Leo Drees