Alex Figgins: Isolated Outside

Heard of Alex Figgins before? He’s a true top bloke from Australia and you should sure as heck check out his quarantine winch clip.

Does Alex bail a few times? Yes. Is it entertaining? Absolutely. But most importantly: his riding is relatable.

Seems like he’s been traveling the neighbourhood area with a corrugated pipe and came up with some sketchy ass setups. However: fun is top priority for Alex and you can sure tell this guy is motivated to the brink. Throw in some 80’s music and you got a few minutes of solid entertainment:

Handplanting the neighbourhood

Thanks for the clip Alex. And most importantly: congratulations to the birth of your child! Exciting times. If you’re not following Alex on Instagram yet, you’re missing out. His daily Instagram stories will brighten up your day. He’s the Australian fella you’ve been missing in your life.