Last year’s winners also dominate at Langenfeld Open 2024

Rivers Hedrick in the Pro Women and Trent Stuckey in the Pro Men repeat their success at the Langenfeld Open presented by Liquid Force on a setup that could hardly have been more challenging.

Another one for the books! Last weekend it was that time again: the legendary Langenfeld Open kicked off the European contest season for the fifth time and once again went one better.

The whole thing in figures? Prize money of 15,000 US dollars and over 70 riders from 12 different countries, with the youngest participant aged just 13 and the oldest a proud 34 years old. Respectable.

The setup of the already spectacular UNIT Hacks was supplemented this year by some self-built elements, which made the park even more challenging than in previous years. For example, the left downrail of the pool was transformed into a firecracker using tons, and the “Kicker to Nico 2” line already offered a daring gap across the entire width of the pool in the first hit. No less risky was one of the last features: the skatebox. This was cordoned off by construction fences and also supplemented by a high wooden wall with PVC pipes on top. A construction with which some riders had already struggled in training…

The firecracker barrels out of the pool ...
... and the massive wall next to the Skatebox 🤯
Spectators line the banks of Cable 1 in Langenfeld

The number of registrations and the standard among the women? Higher than ever! Pro snowboarder Melissa Peppercamp and Scottish underdog Orla Winn were among those who surprised everyone. Orla and Nicole Ragazzo were the only girls to flip on the pipe in the penultimate section. But the next generation of women’s wakeboarding also showed creative compositions and technical tricks at the pool!

Campbell Scarborough and Nicole Ragazzo landed on the podium alongside the winner and defending champion Rivers Hedrick. It should be emphasized that all three are not yet 18 years old! The girls were closely followed by long-time pro rider Maryh Rougier in 4th place, who rode her way into the super final with clean and stylish runs.

The eight girls in the semi-final at the starting dock ...
... and winner Rivers in action!

From the Round of 16 onwards, there were also one or two third runs in the men’s exciting head-to-heads, which made for exciting tension at the starting dock, such as Rien van der Pas against Leo Gatti or Joe Battleday against Trent Stuckey. Former LAO winner Gunther Oka celebrated an impressive comeback after a long injury break and, like Trent Stuckey, showed well thought-out improvements to his runs on every lap.

In general, this year’s riding and coaching was very strategic, with many tactical discussions taking place in national and brand teams. This included the English riders, who call themselves the “Brexit Boys”. However, they not only consulted with each other, but above all, despite the pouring rain in the final, created a great atmosphere at the starting dock.

Unfortunately, Pedro Caldas did not make it onto the podium despite his motivational song (“Pedro, Pedro”) and re-run in the super final. Trent Stuckey won once again, thus completing his hat-trick. However, he was closely followed by Gunther Oka in 2nd place and Liam Peacock in 3rd place, whose high mobius into the small landing of the pipe in the penultimate section will remain in everyone’s memory.

Atmosphere and emotions at the Pro Men's starting dock
Good mood among the boys before the Super Final ...
... which Trent Stuckey once again won.
Podium Pro Men

Langenfeld Open presented by Liquid Force has once again made history. Lots of spectators on site, but even more on the livestream all over the world, have proven how great the interest in such events is.

It will be interesting to see what UNIT Parktech will come up with for next year’s setup and whether Rivers and Trent’s winning streak can continue.


All pictures: Lehnert

Podium Pro Women