Lemonade Normal visit Hip-Notics

These guys are getting better and better. The new edit from Hip-Notics is a blast! A lot of effort has been put into this one and the crew once again puts a grin on our faces, just in time before Christmas.

Lemonade Normal, behind this name are primarily the two film dudes Gino Wetzels and Liam Rundholz. But  least we forget about Sam de Haan who’s always part of the project – his flow on the water is so sick! Tobias Michel is something like the fourth unofficial team member, are we interpreting that right? Either way, this edit isn’t just stylish on the water, but also the film skills are very enjoyable. The group’s winter getaway is the driving factor behind the edit: an annual off-season trip to Hip-Notics in Antalya. Of course the video camera shall not be missing. Gino puts it like this:

“With this trip we wanted to end our season in a relaxed way. Hip-Notics has the best conditions for this: chill atmosphere and constant good weather. This year we also had our winch with us for the first time!” – Gino Wetzels

Tobi Michel passing the breakfast buffet ...
... and down to the dock

Enough description, film off for the clip from Hip-Notics:

The surroundings of Hip-Notics have some winch spots
Liam, Gino and Tobi checking the footage

Nice! We’ll definitely have a look at this a few more times over the winter. Good job to all involved. This is what makes wakeboard edits fun. The interaction of riding, music, colors, editing and a tiny bit of bullshit.


Film & Editing: Gino Wetzels
All photos: David Dörre
Drone: Manu Augsburger