Ø Fest: Livestream and Contest in Denmark

The Aarhus Watersports Complex is really serious about our dear sport: Ø Fest is an event by riders for riders and the list of participants is immensely impressive. Already since Monday many of the pros from Munich Mash have traveled to Denmark – you could also say that the caravan that has been touring through Germany since the Langenfeld Open is moving on. Nice!

Among the men are: Daniel Grant, Joe Battleday, Jules Charraud, Victor Salmon, Rien van der Pas, Nils Ritzmann, Rudy Talboys, Clement Nadal, Luke Carrick, Albin Randow, Enzo Asseraf and Riley Dillon. The women’s race also features some top names with Lisa Baloo, Joelina Gerards, Luca Glinski and Eve Smith-Lang.

The contest format has been rethought this year and it’s all about hosting a varied and spectacular week. The organizer is the non-profit Aarhus Watersports Complex with their leader Kenneth Enggaard.

“Our goal is to bring people together around the joy of water sports. Ø-Fest also serves as an opportunity to showcase the sport and ensure that the world’s elite is honored as they should be. The vision is for Ø-Fest to become so locally anchored that the entire district together creates a festival where wakeboarding and riders are the main attractions.”

The timetable is as follows:

Thursday, 06 July 2023:
14:00-16:00: 🌶️ Spicy Hour 🌶️
16:00: Wildcard Competition Men
18:00: Wildcard Competition Men
20:00: Rider Draw for Qualifier

Friday, 07 July 2023:
14:00-18:00: Qualification Round
18:00-20:00: Men’s Quarterfinals
20:00-21:00: Women’s Quarterfinals

Saturday, 08 July 2023:
13:00-15:00: Semifinals for Men and Women
18:30-20:00: Wakeboard Superfinals
20:00-21:00: Prize Ceremony followed by Afterparty

Between these times there will be many more activities like a beach clean up, a high diving show, a foosball contest and much more.

It’s awesome that the AWC crew is so on the gas and attracts some of the world’s best cable wakeboarders to Denmark with the concept. If you want to know more about the contest, you can find it on the website of the organizer.