Livestream: Red Bull WakeDuel 2022 live!

Saturday, June 11, is going to be one for the book. Red Bull WakeDuel is on at 313 Cable Park. What makes the contest special? An incredible feature setup, riders coming from all over the world and the special “duel” format.

The latter means that there will always be two riders on the water at the same time. This is possible because the run is divided into three sections. For each section only one judge is responsible – namely Basti Baldia, Andy Kolb and Marek Lojek.

Over winter time, 313 Cable Park underwent a pretty incredible expansion and built a third full-size cable. On top of that, a huge load of new UNIT features are now floating in the water. Among others an incredible custom-made bi-level pool with a length of 55 meters! In addition, the new signature features of Claudia Pagnini and the Peacock Brothers are celebrating their premiere. The riders on site feel like they have arrived in wakeboard heaven.

Hang out vibes at 313

Here is the schedule for tomorrow, Saturday, June 11, 2022:

All data are in German time, Lithuania is one hour ahead of us. Preliminary schedule, no guarantee.

10:00-11:00 – Open Ladies, Round 1
11:00-11:50 – Open Ladies, Round 2 & 3
12:00-13:45 – Open Men, Round 1
13:50-14:45 – Open Men, Round 2
14:50-15:15 – Open Men, Round 3

Final approx. 15:50 – 16:15

Elena Bodi with a Indy Shifty Gap on Claudia Pagninis new signature feature
Daniel Grant is also in Lithuania after he had to cancel his trip to LAO due to Covid

Who are the favorites, that’s the big question? Of course, anything can happen at a wakeboard contest. Last Tuesday, for example, Sam de Haan and Henri Dollenberg failed to qualify for the main event despite strong riding (see qualification report). But if we had to decide, we would bet on Claudia Pagnini for the ladies category.

In the men’s category it is currently more difficult to give a tip. Trent Stuckey, but also his brother Gavin are strong favorites for the final. Last year’s winner Liam Peacock is incredibly consistent and has the necessary fitness for such a long course, just like Joe Battleday. Let’s not forget Timo Kapl, who had a lot of bad luck at the Langenfeld Open two weeks ago and is also considered a clear favorite. And then there are the evergreen contest riders like Daniel Grant and legends like Dom Hernler, Nico von Lerchenfeld and Felix Georgii who will also have a say.  In the end, it will also depend a little on how luck plays. Because unfortunately in a head-to-head format, favorites can meet each other early on, leading to an early elimination.

Hundreds of spectators will gather on this grandstand on Saturday
The Space Mob Bobber: one of the most iconic features at 313 Cable Park
The calm before the storm: tomorrow it's off!

We wish all participants on site a real good time. Let’s hope that the livestream works well. We are really looking forward to the action.


Photos: Vadim Scowl Broccoli