Matty Muncey’s Winch-Film: “All In”

Just before Christmas Matty released the edit “All In” together with his follow. Yes, that was already a while ago (and we were busy with the Cable Mekka Awards), but now the film has our full attention again! Let’s rewatch it together and talk about some of these fucking crazy spots, shall we?

If one up-and-coming rider really drew attention to himself last season it was undoubtedly Matty Muncey. His nomination in the category “European Standout Rider” at the Cable Mekka Awards recently just proved this. With his unique laid back style and charming British demeanor, you can’t help but like this guy.

In 2022 Matty joined along for several days as the winch operator for Felix Georgii’s film project “Stadt Land Fluss”. A smart move as he surrounded himself with a crew consisting of Steffen Vollert and two more filmmakers: Matteo Rüger and Felix Weise. Goes without saying that Matty not only operated the winch, but also strapped in at some of these spots – and oh boy, he delivered!

You know this spot from "Stadt Land Fluss", but that doesn't detract from the action

What a crazy opener! With a Tantrum to 50:50 Backside 180 out (at the Winch!) there’s no fooling around. More so the second spot is also a banger and reminds of a drop-in from skating. Crazy spots follow from minute 00:52 while Todd Rundgren sings quite appropriately “I don’t think about danger” – well played, ha. It doesn’t stop here. At minute 1:19 Matty clears a wall ride with a frontside 360 gap at a spot already known by Felix Georgii. No big deal. for Matty. And please keep in mind, this isn’t filmed at a safe wakepark, he is winching in the streets!

Part 2: It get’s even crazier!

From minute 2:00 the action continues in Spain and later also in Holland. This is followed directly by another banger with a dry start to Boardslide on a crazy narrow downrail. We could go on and on and describe every single trick. The message is actually quite simple: Every trick is a banger!

What does Matty have to say about the whole project?

Minute 1:03 - ever seen boardslides that long?

“Well, when I first started filming, I thought maybe I’ve got enough hits for a little Instagram edit. So to end up having enough clips to put together a full part is so sick to me! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and looking back on it I couldn’t be more stoked on the end result.” – Matty Muncey

However, we have to highlight one last spot in Holland: At minute 2:38 Matty is on a kind of waterway (what even is this place?) and the drop to the side goes at least six meters deep. No problem, Matty hits it perfectly and rides away stoked. We’re not sure whether we have to shower Matty with respect or give him a good smack on the back of his head. Fucking crazy!

Oh boy, oh boy! This edit is convincing on all levels and it was filmed entirely while winching. Kudos Matty and stay save out there.