Like a good wine, a magazine also improves over the years. 2018 is now the sixth season for The Cable, and one could say that we’ve acquired an excellent taste and have grown into our own among the community, riders, brands and creatives. 

Our magazine is an important culture medium and an efficient marketing platform at the same time. Original in design and of high-quality manufacture, fresh in perspective and driven by curiosity, unconventional and authentic. It’s a guide and companion for a rapidly growing sport, seeking to convey a unique lifestyle, engage its readers on an equal footing, excite and motivate.

The Cable is honest, different, surprising: a magazine that you’ll want to put on the shelf alongside your favorite books.

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A broad target market thanks to a spacial distribution mix.

Lifestyle-Aware Open-Minded Active Curious Spontaneous Confident Savvy Sportive


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Our strength lies in a cleverly devised distribution. We speak directly to our target audience through a diverse distribution system.

5.000 900 500 9.500 4.100
90+ Walk-in Shops
80+ Cable Parks
incl. Shops
Media Coops
Opinion Leaders
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Our distribution structure ensures that every one of our 20,000 copies lands with the right reader. High efficiency, a high-quality net range and barely any scatter loss are the results.

Never stop improving. Our distribution network is continually enhanced and expanded.


Issue 2018 | 01
Publishing Day* 04 May 2018
Calendar Week 18
Advertising Deadline 03 April 2018
Editorial Deadline 09 April 2018
Copy Deadline 15 April 2018
Issue 2018 | 02
Publishing Day* 30 July 2018
Calendar Week 31
Advertising Deadline 29 June 2018
Editorial Deadline 04 July 2018
Copy Deadline 03 July 2018

*subject to change


Format 1 issue 2 Issues
(5% Frequency Scale)
1/1 Single Page 2250,- 2137,-
2/1 Double Page Spread 3450,- 3277,-
Special Positionings
2/1 Inside Front Cover + Page 3 (DPS) 3690,- 3505,-
2/1 2nd Double Page Spread, Page 4 + 5 3690,- 3505,-
2/1 3rd Double Page Spread, Page 6 + 7 3690,- 3505,-
1/1 Contents Left-Hand Page 2650,- 2517,-
2/1 Following Contents (DPS) 3690,- 3505,-
2/1 Forelast Page + Inside Back Cover (DPS) 3690,- 3505,-
1/1 Outside Back Cover 3950,- 3752,-
Special Advertising Forms
Magazine Supplement (up to 25g), per 1.000 135,-
Bound-In, 2 Pages 4.050,-
Bound-In, 4 Pages 6.300,-

Rabates on multiple-page purchases are available. All prices are stated in Euro and do not include value-added tax. Information about spacial advertising forms, product presentation, sponsored stories etc. is available upon request.



Not too big, not too small, handy and high-value: The Cable is produced in special-format 195 x 254 millimeters, on the best paper and with a premium adhesive binding.

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“By the book” isn’t really our thing. Instead, we prefer to innovate with and for our partners above and beyond the classical editorial approach, developing high-value concepts and implementing them effectively. Creative approaches to the fusion of print and online content is becoming ever more important for us on this front.

O‘Neill Hit the Road

Multi-Channel olé! The 2016 road trip from Nico von Lerchenfeld, Dylan Miller & co. was captured in full with video clips and blog entries on its own exclusive micro-website as well as on social media. All this was followed up with an extensive follow-up report with plenty of photos in the form of a 24-page booklet inserted into The Cable print issues, a sure-fire way to reach the target audience.

The Renovation

One wakepark, three board brands, nine riders and a ten-day time window. First the crews rebuilt the provided obstacle setup to their hearts’ desires, then filmed together from first light until last call. The team that best combined their construction and riding talents was decided by the worldwide wakeboard community via voting on an interactive micro-website. During the voting phase there was hardly another topic to be found on the social media channels. The follow-up print article in The Cable magazine shortly afterwards recapped the story once more with extensive behind-the-scenes reportage.


Denny Bräuniger

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The Cable

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17 October 2018