El Permiso | Mystic Wakeboarding

Team Mystic went on a winch team trip through southern spain and – that’s how it should be – came back with an awesome edit and really sweat photos. Enjoy the video featuring: Dom Hernler, Timo Kapl, Max Van Helvoort and Lisa Baloo.

The “El Permiso”, meaning “the permission” was not always granted. And with so much winching, the confrontation with the police could not be avoided. Fun to know: the crew even made it into the prime-time slot of the national news. Fortunately, it didn’t stop there. Here is the edit:

“Great trip with some heavy winch spots and some gnarly bails!” – Dom Hernler

Gnarly closeouts and handrails, huge ledges, cool sculptures that functioned as spots and massive gaps. The crew created something great here and proved how urban wakeboarding is. Good work!

Photo/ Film: Steffen Vollert, Vincent Schaap, @jopioh