Nils Ritzmann really kicks ass before the start of the new season with his clip Rizz’s Turn from TURNCABLE Thannhausen. Don’t miss out on that clip!

Pretty much everything about this clip is intense. The hacks with some fine UNIT features that Nils Ritzmann, Nicklas Dorfer and Kilian Hochstatter have come up with. The riding and the tricks that Nils shoots out like it’s nothing. The shots and editing by Nicklas that make you look forward to the season. And yes, nothing more needs to be said about TURNCABLE and the special vibe there anyway.

Nils and the crew had just under a week in the fall to really let off steam. A lot of work went into the project and the result is more than impressive. Already a first highlight and an absolute exclamation mark from the reigning Cable Mekka Awards Men’s Rider Of The Year!

The only questions that remain are: Which hack is the most impressive? Which trick will be the most memorable? And when will there be a new edition?

In the morning, nature conjures up the magic on the lake ...
... at night it is Nils Ritzmann

Kilian Hochstatter is the man! This guy turned our UNIT Hack Ideas into reality in no time, day after day, for a full week. Generally, the freedom we had there was truly special! Thats why we love to shoot in the off season, where we have a lot of time in between opening hours. Much Love to TURNCABLE for making this happen! – Nils Ritzmann

Well, you have to be a wakeboard pro. Then you get the park for a whole week and can drift until your arms are long. But then it’s not that easy. In any case, it’s cool when projects like this come about, because they push in their very own way. Respect to everyone involved.


Video: Dorfer
Photos: Dorfer, Drees