Pedro Caldas: Night Vision at 313 Cable Park

Spooky atmosphere at the edge of the forest from 313 Cable Park

Night Vision at 313 Cable Park – the name already says it all. Pedro Caldas was accompanied by Push Production during night time at the world-famous cable park near Palanga. The result is an extraordinary edit that thrills us, bringing with it almost a little spooky Stranger Things vibe. The brightly lit guy ropes, the nocturnal mood – the mystical vibe comes across well. What’s more, Pedro’s new Hyperlite Pro model – the Guara – is on display here for the first time. Of course, Pedro doesn’t hold back on the tricks either: Stalefish Eastmobes, Hardway 270 rail-travels in the pool and meticulously-clean, rail-hits – that’s simply how you know it’s Pedro. The edit is worth watching in many ways. By the way, Nicklas Dorfers, the filmer of this edit, is most impressed by the shot at minute 01:34, when Pedro comes out of the night, brightly illuminated, delivers his trick and then rides away into the night again. Good work everyone involved!

Video: Nicklas Dorfer, Push Production
Photos: Vadim Kozorez

Pedros new Pro Model board, the "Guara" is presented at night