Trent Stuckey dominates Pooltastic at boot Düsseldorf 2024

Pooltastic 2024 at boot Düsseldorf ends with the victory of favorite Trent Stuckey, ahead of Nico von Lerchenfeld and Miles Töller in the packed hall 17 of Messe Düsseldorf.

Once again, Pooltastic was the first wakeboard highlight of the new year. For the fourth time now, boot Düsseldorf provided the stage for motivated up-and-coming youngsters and a guest from overseas alongside some of the best and most famous German riders.

While the action pool with its UNIT Parktech Setup and System 2.0 in Hall 17 of Messe Düsseldorf was already packed with spectators during the qualification on Friday, there were even more at the final on Saturday. This was also reflected in the atmosphere, which, fueled by Clint Liddy, reached boiling point in the Super Final at the latest. But let’s start from the beginning.

Six boys competed in the qualifiers to secure their place in the final on Saturday. In an intensive jam session, Henri Dollenberg, Jan Gnerlich, Lars Knorre, Lasse Weidner, Philipp Burkhart and Tobias Färbers were six really motivated boys at the start. In the end, it was Henri, Jan and Philipp who won the favor of the judges within the 30 minutes and then found out at the Cable Mekka Awards Show in the evening that they would be able to compete for 3.000 Euros in prize money on Saturday.

For these six boys, three places in the final were at stake in the qualifiers
Clint Liddy not only provided the best entertainment at Pooltastic

At prime time on Saturday lunchtime, the final was initially played in a head-to-head format. The opponents collected one point for every run they won and needed a total of three to progress to the next round.

Jan Gnerlich almost seemed like a sure winner against Nico von Lerchenfeld, as he was already leading 2:0, but then Nico came back with all his experience, turned the result around and was thus the first finalist. Miles Töller made it much less exciting and was able to beat Ariano Blanik, the reigning German champion, with ease.

Trent Stuckey also left nothing to be desired in the first round, beating qualifier Philipp Burkhart without losing a single point, before Nils Ritzmann put his opponent Henri Dollenberg in his place. The Super Final was complete.

Good vibes at the Start Dock
boot Düsseldorf is the place to be for wakeboarding in the German winter

In the Super Final, things got hot and the boys worked up a sweat as they had to impress the judges in 100 seconds each.

First up was Nils Ritzmann, who put a clean SW Indy Tantrum on the water. However, he was not quite able to show what he had previously unpacked and so the young man from Langenfeld had to settle for a respectable 4th place. He was followed by Miles Töller, who thrilled the spectators with a massive Stalefish Tantrum to Blind just below the hall ceiling. Enough to snatch 3rd place.

Nico von Lerchenfeld was the penultimate to start and won the approval of the judges with, among other things, probably the cleanest rail hit of the day: a Nosepress FS 36o Out, which earned him second place. After his victory in 2020 and third place in 2023, the Cologne native now completed his collection of podium places at Pooltastic in second place.

However, there was no match for the reigning WWA World Champion Trent Stuckey. The young man from Orlando demonstrated incredible consistency throughout the days. With his first attempt in the Super Final, in which he put the Nuclear Moby Dick clean as a whistle on the water, he made it unmistakably clear that he wanted to fly back with the win. Hats off for this performance!

The gallery shows the impressions of the competition once again.

Trent Stuckey
Nico von Lerchenfeld
Miles Töller
Nils Ritzmann
Jan Gnerlich
Philipp Burkhart
Ariano Blanik
Henri Dollenberg
Winners Selfie

The Super Final results 

Place Name Country
1 Trent Stuckey USA
2 Nico von Lerchenfeld GER
3 Miles Töller GER
4 Nils Ritzmann GER

So another successful episode of Pooltastic at boot Düsseldorf is history. Once again, it was impressive what the guys showed on the setup and how they were able to present wakeboarding deluxe to the numerous spectators. We are already looking forward to a new edition in 2025!


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