Red Bull WakeDuel: These riders made it through in the Qualifier!

16 men and 8 women secured a place for the main event in the qualifier at 313 Cable Park. There they will meet 23 invited riders next Saturday, 11. June who will then fight for the crown at the Red Bull WakeDuel.

What a showdown! At the 313 Cable Park on Tuesday, legends met newcomers and riders who previously only knew each other from social media, rode, celebrated and cheered each other on. The vibes from Palanga, Lithuania – they are really good despite the currently rather cold weather!

In the women’s category 13 riders competed in two heats. In total six ladies qualified immediately, two more made it through the LCQ. In the final are: Anita Leina (LAT), Melanie Staff (SWE), Joelina Gerards (GER), Mari-Liis Siimon (EST), Sanija Meja (LAT), Melanie Besnard (FRA), Kamilė Cickevičiūtė (LIT) and Guoda Saulė Malinauskaitė (LIT). They are up to compete on Saturday with the following six ladies who are already seeded:

  1. Claudia Pagnini (ITA)
  2. Anna Nikstad (USA)
  3. Julia Rick (GER)
  4. Jamie Lopina (USA)
  5. Maxime Ocasek (GER)
  6. Maryh Rougier (FRA)

Anne Freyer would also already be qualified, but unfortunately has not yet recovered from an injury.

The eight lucky ladies who secured a place for the final in the qualifying round
The level was high 🔥
For Sam it is unfortunately already over in the first round ...

The men’s qualifying was a bit more complex: In the first round, 48 riders competed in 7 heats – the top 3 riders of each heat advanced to the second round. In the second round, the remaining 28 riders battled it out in four-man heats, with the top 2 riders advancing in each heat. Thus in the end 16 riders qualified.

Among them are: James Windsor (AUS), Joe Battleday (GBR), Silver Milpak (EST), Alfie Constable (GBR), Luke Carrick (GBR), Busty Dunn (AUS), Domantas Kazickas (LIT), Max Van Helvoort (NED), Trent Stuckey (USA), Rien van der Pas (GER), Liam Brearley (CAN), Victor Salmon (BEL) and Gavin Stuckey (USA), Riley Dillon (CAN). The fact that Konni Lehndorf (GER), Henri Dollenberg (GER), Luke Holmes (USA), Sam de Haan (NL) and many more could not qualify shows how incredibly high the level was. The organizers had a separate Lithuanian qualifying round, here the two Lithuanian locals Tadas Aleksiejūnas and Mantas Funk made it.

... and also for Luke Holmes from Florida it's already over in the qualifier
Joe Battleday is happy about his spot after a hard battle

All previously mentioned participants will meet the seeded riders on Saturday:

  1. Liam Peacock (GBR)
  2. Timo Kapl (AUT)
  3. Jules Charraud (FRA)
  4. Albin Randow (SWE)
  5. Max Milde (GER)
  6. Riccardo De Tollis (ITA)
  7. Enzo Asseraf (FRA)
  8. Matty Muncey (GBR)
  9. Nico Von Lerchenfeld (GER)
  10. Felix Georgii (GER)
  11. Ryan Peacock (GBR)
  12. Tobias Michel (GER)
  13. Marko Gacic (HRV)
  14. Wesley Huber (USA)
  15. Daniel Grant (THA)
  16. Dominik Hernler (AUT)

We will broadcast the final on Saturday, 11th June live here on! It will start at 10:00 a.m. German time (11:00 a.m. local time). The final will start at about 04:30 p.m., at about 05:30 p.m. German time the event will be over.


Photos: Leonardas Borotinskas, Vytautas Dranginis

Rien van der Pas is stoked!
The riders cheer each other on
The qualified men for Red Bull WakeDuel