Red Bull Frozen Lake action with Felix, Dom and Nik

The twenty-minute documentary is now followed by a great action clip from Red Bull Frozen Lake with Felix Georgii, Dominik Gührs and Dominik Hernler.

First the pictures and highlight snippets on social media at the beginning of the year. Then the documentary last week, which brought you really close. Now comes a fine action edit with the three protagonists of Red Bull Frozen Lake: Felix, Dominik and Dom.

You can’t emphasize enough and take your hat off to what these guys have done. Every time you see the pictures, you get freezing cold and you can really empathize with the situation. The fact that the three of them still shoot out their tricks as if it was on a warm summer day is simply remarkable!

When the glove freezes to the handle ...
... and blocks of ice float in the lake, not everyone thinks of wakeboarding!

For every enthusiast, this is exactly the equipment you need in winter, because even if the conditions are less inviting, you’ll immediately feel like wakeboarding. Good for anyone who is sitting in a warmer place or has a wake park around the corner that doesn’t care too much about winter and uses the cable as long as possible.


All photos: Lorenz Holder // Red Bull Content Pool