Red Bull Frozen Lake: The coldest wakeboard shoot ever

The literally “coolest” project of the year, Red Bull Frozen Lake, is now being unraveled in an exciting documentary. Here you can experience the challenge that Felix Georgii, Dom Hernler and Dominik Gührs set themselves in Jokkmokk in the Arctic Circle, Sweden.

“Dress warmly!”–this recommendation not only applies to the current icy temperatures throughout Germany, but also to the project that Red Bull carried out together with Felix, Dom and Dominik in Lapland last winter.

After the boys had already caused quite a stir in February with clips and pictures, the time has finally come for us to get an even deeper insight in the documentary. Anyone who has ever been out on the water in temperatures below five degrees celsius can at least get a rough idea of what it must have felt like during filming.

Northern lights and a frozen setup ...
... unbelievable how Felix performed despite the conditions!

Now it’s best to grab a hot drink, lean back and enjoy. Also that you’re being entertained in front of the screen and don’t have to fight the cold in an icy waterhole somewhere in northern Sweden.

And if you’re really in the mood now, then check out the gallery, which conveys the vibe perfectly. It’s a good thing that not only pros were out on the water, but also one of the best action sports photographers in the world, the newly awarded–now three-time Red Bull Illume winner–Lorenz Holder. Simply: WOOOOW!

Dom Herner
Dominik Gührs
Felix Georgii
Felix, Dominik, Dom
Dominik Gührs
Felix Georgii
Dom Hernler
Dom, Felix, Dominik
When a digger has to be used to clear the setup of ice ...

The lighting, the set-up, the action–it all becomes a total work of art with which the participants can enter their names in the history books. There’s no need to discourage imitation here, because hardly anyone will have the opportunity to do so … and Felix, Dom and Dominik will probably look for a location with more pleasant conditions for their next project 😉


All photos: Lorenz Holder // Red Bull Content Pool
Documentation: Adventure Productions (Andi Tillmann, Regie – Toni Tillmann, DoP) // Red Bull Germany

... you realize that things are going to get tough here.