These riders qualify for the finals at Red Bull WakeDuel 2023

Before the main event starts, a little update from the breakfast table at 313 Cable Park after Thursday’s exciting qualifier.

After a long sunny qualifying day, the last finalists for Red Bull WakeDuel 2023 have been decided since yesterday, Thursday June 8, evening. The weather showed its best side compared to the previous years and attracted enthusiastic spectators to the terrace of the restaurant.

There they got to see plenty of action as the riders had to give it their all to advance to the next round. From the mega Cab 900 (Busty Dunn) to the classic-clean nosepress-to-nosepress (rail-to-rail) of Nico von Lerchenfeld, there was something for everyone. In addition, one could marvel at a conspicuously large number of Rewinds.

It’s exciting to see that many young participants in men’s and women’s category want to and can compete with the wakeboard legends. It’s nice to see that the new generation is there – motivated and talented.

Also the local riders convinced with a very high riding level and had the opportunity at the unique “locals only” LCQ in the sunset to show the international field of riders again what they have got. What a day!

Winners of the qualifier

Pro Women

Salome Le Ly FRA
Anita Leina LAT
Kamile Cickevičiūtė LIT
Guoda Saulė Malinauskaitė LIT
Justine Zonne LAT
Nicole Regazzo ITA
Julia Lupij POL
Migle Praninskaite LIT

Pro Men

Rien Van Der Pas GER
Riley Dilon CAN
James Windsor AUS
Nico Von Lerchenfeld GER
Luke Carrick THA
Busty Dunn (Nachrücker für Ryan Peacock) AUS
Tadas Aleksiejūnas LIT
Dominik Hernler GER
Rudy Talboys GBR
Kieran Owens GBR
Nils Ritzmann GER
Benny Heatley AUS
Motiejus Lisauskas LIT
Patryk Lojek POL
Connor Lawton AUS
Camille Charraud FRA


Men (left to right): Connor Lawton, Ryan Peacock, Cam Charraud, Rudy Talboys, Nils Ritzmann, Luke Carrick, Benny Heatley, Riley Dilon, Kieran Owens, Rien van der Pas
Women (left to right: Guoda Malinauskaite, Julia Lupij, Kamile Cickerviciute, Justine Zonne, Salome Le Ly, Nicole Regazzo, Anita Leina, Migle Praninskaite.

So on Thursday there was already a good foretaste of what we will see in the main event on Saturday. Since some of the favorites have dropped out, it will definitely be exciting to see who will fight their way to the podium.

Why fight? It’s not just about fierce tricks, creativity and style, but also endurance. The contest run goes a complete round and consists of various hacks. Those who still have power and oxygen after the kicker-to-Claudia have to shoot over the kicker in the end. Really exhausting, as the riders confirm.

Stay tuned – the livestream will run on Saturday here with us!


Photographers: Kozorez & Borotinskas