Red Bull WakeDuel 2023: These are the winners

Intense head-to-head battles, young guns on the podium and a lot of emotions on the final day. Red Bull WakeDuel at 313 Cable Park in Lithuania delivered what it promised!

If you ask the riders for the highlight trick of the day, most of them talk about Gavin Stuckey’s BS 360 at the Munich Mash Feature. Really brave to jump between the two rails (hallway). Each time he put it down so cleanly that he was able to finish with frontboard 270 out over the rail. Awesome thing.

His final opponent Liam Peacock impressed not only with a loud and dedicated fan base, but also with a clean KGB 5 over the Kicker-to-Claudia. It has to be said that the Brexit boys left another lasting impression after this weekend. Not only as cheering spectators on the dock, but also on the water.

Dream spot, dream setup 😍


Place Name Country
1 Gavin Stuckey USA
2 Liam Peacock GBR
3 Trent Stuckey USA
4 Victor Salmon BEL
Podium Pro Men

Rivers Hedricks demonstrated again clean technique and nice style and won, as well as Gavin, the 500,- € extra for the “Most Progressive Line” proclaimed by Mystic. So the young lady from the US continues her success series and takes home the gold medal after LAO yet again.

Her Cab 720 is simply so clean and beautiful like no other. The young guns Nicole Regazzo and Julia Lupij also rode consistently through to the semi-finals. In addition to the three young talents, Maryh Rougier also made it to the podium once again with her unique style and attention to detail.

Podium Pro Women


Place Name Country
1 Rivers Hedrick USA
2 Nicole Ragazzo ITA
3 Maryh Rougier FRA
4 Julia Lupij POL


Impressions of Red Bull WakeDuel 2023

Lithuania once again shone with warm hospitality and real enthusiasm for our sport even outside the scene and thus ensured excitement and atmosphere on site. With sunburn on their noses the riders now start into the probably most contest intensive month of the year.

It remains to be seen whether Rivers Hedrick and the Stuckey brothers can continue their strong season and thus finally manifest the changing of the guard of some deserving guys and gals?

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Photographers: Kozorez, Borotinskas & Dranginis

Thanks to all involved - it was legendary!