Red Bull WakeDuel 2024 – highlights and results

Strategic competition riding, two Dutch women in the top 4, and the Stuckey brothers in the head-to-head final.

The name says it all, as a total of 32 men and 16 women battled it out again this year in the final of the annual contest highlight at the 313 Cable Park in Lithuania.

Powerful matchups unfolded in the first round, featuring heavy combinations like Liam Peacock versus Max Milde and Claudia Pagnini against Campbell Scarborough. Additionally, clashes like Dom Hernler versus Ariano Blanik and Nicole Ragazzo against Joelina Gerards showcased the fascinating contrast in riding styles.

The pro-lake, right in front of the terrace, once again boasted a unique setup full of hacks, keeping riders on their toes with constant banks and rail-to-rails. They spent the week refining run combinations, gearing up for strategic showdowns in the contest. It was competition riding at its peak!

Good vibes among the riders and at the starting dock ...
... and a packed setup - that's Red Bull WakeDuel at 313 Cable Park

In the showdown for first place between Gavin and Trent Stuckey, spectators were captivated by the technical rail tricks. Trent’s crowmobe with a Japan grab into the bank on the kicker-to-Claudia stood out, impressing the crowd, especially from the grandstand’s prime view.

And the trick highlights? Elena’s 720 into the bank on the back straight and Pedro’s front 720 on the kicker were particularly memorable for the riders. Ryan Peacock’s double flip was also stable every time, and Joe Battleday once again showed us his unique blunting technique.

Top 4 – Pro Women

Place Name Country
1st Elena Bodi SPA
2nd Katinka Buiting NED
3rd Claudia Pagnini ITA
4th Sanne Meijer NED

Top 4 – Pro Men

Place Name Country
1st Trent Stuckey USA
2nd Gavin Stuckey USA
3rd Pedro Caldas BRA
4th Kieran Owens GBR
Pro Women podium: Katinka Buiting, Elena Bodi, Claudia Pagnini
Pro Men podium: Gavin Stuckey, Trent Stuckey, Pedro Caldas

After an exciting and intense week, followed by a proper party on-site, the riders continue their contest tour, and we are already looking forward to next year in Lithuania!


Photos: Borotinskas, Kozorez, Dranginis