Winch Fiesta: Dominik Hernler and Maxime Giry Winch in Madrid

Dom Hernler and Maxime Giry can find a winch playground everywhere. Now the two kicked it off in a city park in Madrid. Everything one could hope for in a winch spot could we found here. A real Winch Fiesta. Check out this “must watch”!

It’s projects like this that we love so much and that Red Bull always brings to live. For his latest clip, Dom Hernler teamed up with arguably one of the best wakeskaters in the world today to transform Parque Juan Carlos I in Madrid into their very own playground.

Concrete walls for wallrides where you can only guess how gnarly they are. Ledges for wakeskate tricks that braing a skateboarding feeling like we’ve rarely seen. Different water levels, for massive drops that bring a very own flair. And as if that wasn’t enough, handrails that take your breath away. The result is a clip that truly stays in your memory.

Dom was introduced to the spot by his buddy Maxime and after they check it out together, it quickly became clear that this is a real gem. Located on the north-eastern edge of the Spanish capital, the 220-hectare park was created in 1992, where it was a highlight for the then European Capital of Culture and remains one until today.

Speaking of highlights – so are the pictures of photographer Sam Strauss. Have a look here in our gallery:

Dom Hernler
Maxime Giry
Dom Hernler & Maxime Giry
Dom Hernler
Maxime Giry
Dom Hernler

“I love winch projects like this and am always looking for new spots. You often have to improvise and I also like it when I have to prepare the area first for a trick.” – Dom Hernler

Dom is looking for the challenge ...
... and loves playful elements

“This location offers endless possibilities and allows us riders to do so much. It almost seems like it was planned and created for us wakeboarders and wakeskaters. The architecture behind it is beautiful, there are so many details, angles and the play of light and shadow makes for a unique look in the pictures.” – Maxime Giry

One Spot ...
... two perspectives

What the guys found in Madrid is pretty close to perfect. It’s actually surprising that no major project has been implemented there before. But it’s also good to know that there are still new places just waiting to be found.

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All Photos: Sam Strauss | Red Bull Content Pool