Max Milde wins Pooltastic 2023 at boot Düsseldorf

What a show! On Saturday, February 28, Max Milde, Konni Lehndorff, Nico von Lerchenfeld and Guenther Oka battled it out in front of hundreds of spectators to win the third edition of the Pooltastic Contest at boot Düsseldorf.

But from the beginning: The competition in Düsseldorf started on Friday evening in the qualifying. Out of ten invited riders, only three advanced. These were: Langenfeld local Nils Ritzmann, Belgian Louis Eggerickx and Nicklas Dorfer, who spontaneously stepped in for Jan Gnerlich.

These three guys met the seeded riders in the semifinals on Saturday afternoon, resulting in four extremely exciting pairings that competed against each other in head-to-head mode. A run consisted of a kicker hit and a trick on the Jersey Barrier Series. The first to win three rounds advanced to the super final.

Max Milde beat Nils Ritzmann 3:1, Nico von Lerchenfeld beat Miles Töller 3:2 and Guenther Oka won against Nicklas Dorfer. The most exciting pairing was that of youngster Louis Eggericx against Konni Lehndorff. The 17-year-old Louis made Konni sweat visibly, but Konni could win the battle in the last moment and prevailed 3:2.

Nico von Lerchenfeld on the Jersey Barrier Series Feature

In the Super Final that followed, the format was changed: Each of the top four riders now had 100 seconds to convince the five judges and captivate the crowd at the show. Konni Lehndorff seemed to have run out of steam in the preliminary round and so a three-way battle crystallized between Max, Guenther and Nico.

In the end, it was the reigning IWWF World Champion Max Milde who convinced the most with his extremely consistent riding and stood at the top of the podium at the award ceremony. He was helped by a double grabbed Crowmobe and a flawless Mute Pete Rose on the kicker. Second place went to Guenther Oka, who impressed with his extraordinary style – unfortunately he couldn’t stand his Crow Mobe 540. Nico von Lerchenfeld scored with his signature Mute Crow Mobe and some super stylish hits on the Jersey Barrier Series and ended up in third place. Konni Lehndorff finished fourth.

Our thanks goes to boot Düsseldorf for the cool opportunity to host an indoor contest in cold January. Together with the Cable Mekka Awards on Friday evening, this was a glorious first weekend for the whole wakeboard community. Furthermore, thousands of spectators could be drawn into the spell of our beloved sport.

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All photos: Eigner

Moderator Clint Liddy queries the results from the judges