Rien van der Pas: Von Lerchen Hacks

Rien “Skitz” van der Pas. Cable 4 at Wasserski Langenfeld. 1, 2, 3 Nico von Lerchenfeld Signature Features from UNIT. Nicklas Dorfer behind the cam. And off we go!

There is not just one UNIT Nico von Lerchenfeld One in Langenfeld, but two of them. Plus a Nico Two and, of course, countless other features. The three signatures mentioned were in turn largely responsible for the Von Lerchen Hacks and the resulting video project by Rien van der Pas together with Nicklas Dorfer.

The result is a very fine clip with heavy riding from Skitz. The crew came up with various hacks, implemented them and then shredded them. Choosing a favorite? Not so easy, but if it has to be, then probably the hack of the last trick–you haven’t seen it like this yet!

One hack ...
... two tricks

Anyone who has Langenfeld as a home cable can truly count themselves lucky. The fact that the boys are also allowed to let off steam like this–great. This is exactly how creativity and sport are encouraged. More please.


Photos: Lehnert