Sculpture signes Felix Georgii

After releasing the slickest and most quiet Winch in Wakeboarding beginning of this year, Sculpture now signs no other than Felix Georgii.

Sculpture came out of nowhere and blew everyones mind with the design to their new E-Winch. Now signing Felix Georgii as their first team rider, it’s clear to see the guys from Sculpture know what’s up. Ever since, the brand is bringing some new flavor to the scene and now they claim a next big step forwards.


Felix Georgii was part of this whole journey from the very beginning. The German kid already showed in his X-Games Real Wake parts in 2017 and 2018 what winching is about. Felix walked away with a gold and silver medal and took home the fan favorite voting.

No matter if an unique urban spot, a sketchy natural bi-levels or a terrain that doesn’t even look like it’s located on planet earth – just remember the cover shot from The Cable issue No. 12. Felix knows what to do like no other. As soon as we get to see new pictures of his winching, he’ll leave us speechless. And yeah, there might be so many more things to winch out there.

Felix Georgii Signature Controller | Photo: Sculpture
Spot like this one are #pulledbysculpture | Photo: Vollert

„If people think about winching in wake, they most definitely have a shot or part of Felix in their mind. He’s part of a new era in wakeboarding, who take their winches and homies and shoots video parts. We’re happy to be part of this new era. Felix helped us a lot with his know-how about winching. He had big influence on our first prototypes to the final product and we are beyond stoked to finally announce that he’s part of the team.” – Sculpture

A decent trolley, where no one would expect what hides inside | Photo: Sculpture

Now announcing this news, there is a little welcome-edit with Felix as well. Of course he shows exactly, what he is known for. A good approach on creative spots and the skills to shred them.

„Using the Sculpture winch helped me a lot to ride spots that weren’t possible to ride with a regular gas winch due to the noice they make. On most spots a quiet and reliable winch is most important to get the shot. With the many little details the Winch offers, I always realize how much winch know-how the guys from Sculpture actually have. I couldn’t imagine being on a better team.“ – Felix Georgii

Besides boat and cable wakeboarding, winching became a more and more important part of the sport. It’s good to see a company which pushes winching in a professional way and gives more wakeboarders the chance to go out in the streets and winch. We’re excited what Sculpture winches will come up in the future.


Watch out for the Sculpture winch in action with a BTS clip by Steffen Vollert whilst doing a shoot. Awesome.