Sewer Cats: The Sequel

What an absolute banger! With the second Sewer Cats movie from Copy Cats Club the bar for women’s wakeboarding was topped once again. We are sure: wakeboard history has just been written here and are also a little proud of the German gang.

But let’s start from the front: the protagonists of the said edit are Sina Fuchs, Anne Freyer, Joelina Gerards and Luca Glinski. For a pure winch road trip, they traveled all over the Czech Republic for four weeks. How long? For four damn weeks! That’s wild. The spots that were tracked down are ingenious and have certainly demanded a lot of courage from the troop. The crashes that were taken are really nasty. Therefore, take your time and lean back: this is Sewer Cats The Sequel.

Camping gang

Damn! Did we promised too much? That Anne Freyer throws down every time is no longer accustomed to otherwise and also Sina Fuchs winch experience and guts are very evident. For example with the tree hit at minute 03:00! The big surprise for us is certainly Joelina Gerards, who impressively proves that she is one of the best wakeboarders in Germany, if not Europe. The Boardslide at minute 08:00 is an absolute banger. Hats off! Four cities were traveled with caravans and self-built winch kickers and almost every day a new spot was conquered. 20 locations have come together in this way. If you’ve been winching before, you know – that was a heck of a lot of work!

Cosima Giemza, Nadine Richter, Nada Hornakova and Katinka Buiting also joined the gang at times. Hats off also to filmer Patrick Catford and photographer Marius Heller, who did a great job.

Thanks Sina, Anne, Joelina, Luca and everyone involved for this impressive edit. Be sure to also check out and get inspired.

Winch queen Sina Fuchs