Sincerely, Trent – an absolute must-see

Trent Stuckey, who hasn’t had much coverage in Europe yet, has just released an absolute banger edit. Brace yourself for doubles in every thinkable directions and also some complete trick novelties. For us, this 17-year-old is one of the big surprises after the Corona pandemic. We believe that we’re witnessing a new rider on his way to the top.

Holy shit! In a time that is characterized by a rather sluggish, often uniform riding, Trent’s film comes just as called. You’re about to witness bangers that are unheard of. Without a doubt, this edit is proof that there’s a new and hungry generation of top riders out there – and Trent is one of them. Or have you ever seen a “Rage in the Cage” before – that’s the name of the Double KBG Trent stomps at Lake Ronix. But for now, let’s watch the edit – more about the tricks will follow below.

And, did we promise too much? Certainly, the Eminem track is rather atypical and a bit irritating, but we’ll overlook that. Here are some highlights of the first 5 minutes:

  • It starts off with a Switch Double Backmobe Indy (0:55)
  • An Over Wrapped landed KGB 7 (01:45)
  • A Wrapped Switch Crail Pete Rose 540 (02:26 )
  • Tuck Knee Moby Dick, perhaps the most stylish trick of the edit (03:09)
  • Switch Mute Backmobe 720 (03:41)
  • Switch Seatbelt Crowmobe 720 (03:54)
  • KGB 900 (04:12)

And then just when you thought – wow, now that was rad – the second track starts with more bangers:

  • Double Mute Pete Rose (05:27)
  • Double Tantrum to Blind grabbing Indy, then Nuclear (05:36)
  • Double G-Spot Indy (05:41)
  • Indy to Stalefish Double Backroll Blind (06:05)
  • Another Indy Double Pete Rose (06:16) but this time Switch!
  • Switch 1260 (06:30)
  • Indy Double KGB, named “Rage in the Cage” by Trent. The ease with which he pulls off this trick is insane!  (06:34)
  • Backside 1260 (06:47)
  • Double Moby Dick Indy Grab (06:55)

And then Kurt Cobain starts singing and Trent shows us what tricks he is still tinkering with. Damn!

Our great respect to Trent! Thanks also to filmers Dave AV, Tim McGee and brother Gavin Stuckey for capturing all this. We are really looking forward to seeing Trent live at the Langenfeld Open in about three weeks. Will he dominate there as well? The chances are good that he will.

Photos: Gavin Stuckey, Garrett Colemann, Bryan Soderlind