Soöruz Van Life Tour with Jules Charraud and Maxime Giry

Jules Charraud and Maxime Giry are without a doubt two of the top riders from France. When the lockdown-rules in France were lifted, they were more than eager to go on a road trip through France. You can watch the clip from the good times here.

The locations in France that the boys hit up were TNM Moncontour, Téléski Nautique Saujon, Izon Wake Park, I Wakepark Lacanau and TND Wakepark in Damazan.

Jules doesn’t cease to amaze us with his technical, yet amazingly on point style on his wakeboard, while Maxime absolutely throws down on his wakeskate. The spots in France are amazing to watch and even though a trip to France might not be do-able for this year, the wanderlust surely gets to us when we watch these clips.

And what do the boys say about the trip?

“After two months of lockdown we couldn’t wait to get back on the road. So we packed the essentials for a road trip: a van, our boards, a GoPro and a lot of good vibes. We think it shows pretty well, that it doesn’t take a lot to trip with your buddies.” – Maxime Giry and Jules Charraud

270 Mute Grab by Jules on this beautiful looking rail (Photo: Raynald Tanny)
And Sprays & Slashes by Maxime

Neopren Jacket Charraud

Jules rocking his Neo Jacket (Photo: Raynald Tanny)

If you’re wondering about the stylish jacket that Jules is wearing, we’ve got some details for you: this is Jules’ signature neopren jacket with Soöruz which is ideal for the upcoming transition from summer to fall. The idea is to either wear it on those chilly summer nights at the cable when it’s still boardshort weather. Or you can throw it on top of your wetsuit between sessions to remain warm. Either way it’s functional and looks real good at the same time. The jacket closes with strong snap buttons. Jules, being the artist that he is, designed the fish logo on the bottom himself. Dope!

Oysterprene wetsuit

The wetsuits from Soöruz are top-notch too. The Oysterprene wetsuit is brand new and combines the known quality and flexibility that Soöruz stands for with a new technology: Oyster shells are grinded and the product is integrated the neopren material. This technology is an alternative to limestone material. If you want to find out more about this technology you can read it here.

The Oysterprene line is used in all expert and pro-range wetsuits. It comes with a chest-zip and its key features are the flexiblity and comfort.

Watervest Ground

If you are currently on the look-out for a new vest, you should consider Maximes product of choice: the Soöruz Watervest GROUND. Key features are the thorough protection of the ribs and spine. The top of the jacket is covered in a stylish thick velevet material. Add a neat woven patch on the chest and eh voilà: you’ve got a stylish impact vest designed in France.

Soöruz is very serious about eco-responsibility and sustainability. That’s why the vest comes with:
– PVC-free foam
– Recycled polyester in the interior fabrics
– Limestone neoprene
– Water-based glue for laminating fabrics

Thanks for this beautiful clip from France. We loved seeing the action. Nice to see how our neighbours still make use of the summer. If you want to find out more about the products, you can find out more here: