Gavin Stuckey’s completely insane video: “Status”

At last year’s Munich Mash, Gavin Stuckey still competed as a rookie. But this title has long since become obsolete, as his latest edit “Status” proves.

This video kicks off with a Backlip on a roughly 4 meter high rail, and just keeps going from there. Filmed at various winch spots, Lake Ronix, behind the boat and other American parks, wherever Gavin goes, his “status” is: completely off the charts!

Gav with a huge gap at Terminus Wake Park

A great video from a talented rider and one of the biggest names in the coming years. Hence we wanted to know a few more things from Gavin and his plans for the European season.


Gavin, your edit turned out sick! How long have you been working on this project?

I gathered clips here and there for the last couple years. The big gaps are mainly the older clips of the part, filmed around the end of 2021 and spring 2022. But over the recent off season I was feeling more confident and comfortable on my board as ever and made the decision to continue stacking tricks until late spring.


What was the hardest part about getting this edit done?

In my opinion, it’s the tricks that I couldn’t land. There will always be that feeling of the part not being the same without those clips and it’s hard to let them go however, now you got a trick list for the next edit.

... and his longtime companion John Dreiling, here at West Rock Wake Park
Noseblunt at night - clean!

We have a few, but which one is your personal favorite hit?

My personal favorite trick has to be the backmobe 720 into the wall or the switch melon backside 360 rewind frontside 360 safety to safety gap. The mobe 7 was a couple day process… building up the hype just to mute mobe this gap was how it started. Followed by figuring out the tension for the handlepass considering the gap was outside in. At the same time, super stoked on the rewind since it was first try! I would hate to take a back edge at that speed haha.


You absolutely smashed it at LAO with a 2nd place. Which other European events can we expect to see you this season?

This summer is pretty packed with events. Next up is Red Bull WakeDuel, WakeTheCity, Munich Mash, and ending my euro summer in London with Plastic Playgrounds and WWA Worlds. Looking forward to it!


Cheers Gavin, we’re looking forward to see more of this. Keep it coming!

Photos: Dörre & Hedricks

Gavin has also been on the road in Germany - here at the Turncable.