Timo Kapl & Tobias Michel at Waketoolz Wakepark

Timo Kapl and Tobias Michel: The two guys are not only good friends, but also an absolute Steeze dream couple. Leon Aulbach got the two in front of the camera at Waketoolz Wakepark. The new feature setup there was tested by the two and they seem to be loving it.

Less is more. Every hit, every press, every grab and above all: every handdrag. The first two hits alone should give you inspiration for the rest of the summer. You could also say: Team Handdrag has struck. But also the Blunt to Tranny by Timo (1:43) and the Tranny-Finder by Silvio (1:52) are freaking creative. We love it!

Maybe an inspiration, reminder for one or the other to visit the Waketoolz Wakepark again this summer. The setup is looking dope.