Travel-Video: De Lunar Al Cielo

A travelogue to the Lunar Cable Park – that’s how you could summarize Lars Knorre’s video. The focus is not on pure trick shooting, but on the community and traveling together. We like.

You’re going to enjoy this one: After the Instagram feed was full every day last winter with shaky drone videos and questionable music, this quiet edit is like a balm for the content soul. The title of the video De Lunar Al Cielo, meaning “From Lunar to Heaven,” expresses the feelings of the protagonists – who felt like they were on cloud nine in Spain.

But from the beginning: In mid-February, the German crew of eight riders set off for the popular travel destination in southern Spain. From Cologne-Bonn Airport to Alicante Airport, it’s only a three-hour trip. Out one comes, as so often, in a completely different world. From the airport by rental car to the cable it was another two hours. Part of the troop were Joelina Gerards, Benjamin Jahnke, Lisa Anna Müller, Petro Petropolous, Lucas Stachon, Lars Knorre, Karla Debus and Stef Schütz alias Wolle.

Wakeboarding alone is boring, everyone knows that. You step on the spot and somehow only end up doing the same tricks. So it’s all the better when you join forces with your friends for an unforgettable trip. Sessioning together, pushing each other and collecting content together for a recap edit that captures the vacation together forever. This film by Lars Knorre does all that.

Petro, Joelina, Karla, Benjamin, Lars and Lisa
Sunset with a view of the lift. Lunar Cable Park is located in a kind of canyon
Karla Debus with a real nice nosepress
The features are quite obviously to the liking of the crew
Benni, Wolle and Joey together
Car scooter and carnveal in "Aguilas", 1 hour from the cable

“Not only the cable should be in the foreground, but the journey with emotional and scenic images in the environment.” – Lars Knorre

Nice, Joey

In February, we asked newly crowned Cable Mekka Awards winner Joelina Gerards for some footage from Lunar Cable Park. Instead, and this also speaks volumes about Joey’s attitude towards wakeboarding, she rather wanted us to publish this crew edit.

When it came to accommodation, the decision fell on the seaside town of “Playa de Vera”. Whole two weeks nestled there and commuted daily 25 minutes to the park. At temperatures around 14-16 ° C long wetsuits were still a must. But ones the sun came out in the afternoons, you could enjoy it in a t-shirt. Almost every day they hung out at the Lunar Cable Park and rode together. As we all know, the sore muscles are so unbearable after a few days that you are glad to have other activities on the program. For example, a trip to the carnival in combination with a night market in Aguilas.

Benni with a clean tailgrab into the transition wall

Geze, we really enjoyed that. Thanks to the crew for sharing this trip with us. Luckily in the meantime some wakeparks are open on weekends and therefore we don’t have to be so envious anymore.

Video: Lars Knorre
Photos: Lars Knorre, Stefan “Wolle” Schütz