Creativity, talent, courage – the clip for which Victor Salmon set off into the Thai jungle has it all. Plastic Jungle – a must watch!

Victor Salmon is known for surprising. In his latest clip, which was shot at a private spot in Thailand, not far from the border to Cambodia, he does just that. And on the highest level, because he really lets off steam on this 2-tower spot with the heavy setup.

Wallrides at their best, shuvits and kickflips with the wakeboard, funny butt slides, a paddling pool that has to serve for action next to the already existing pool and the one or other surprising trick where he fully exploits the possibilities there. It feels like one trick after the other is stomped and you can’t get out of the amazement.

“I had the idea of the paddling pool for a while. On the way to the wakepark, it caught my eye in a store and because it was cheap, we took it right away. The crazy thing was that it didn’t even break throughout the whole action.”

– Victor Salmon

Oh yes, Victor also shows off his graffiti skills. It’s good when the owner gives you so much freedom to develop yourself, because that’s how you can create something that the community will remember. Chapeau!

It looks like a secret spot has been created here, which soon won’t be so secret anymore and of which you will get to see even more. We would really appreciate it!

Photos/Video: Viederis