God’s Country: A wakeskate must-watch!

The team video with the title “God’s Country” was already released a while back, but we don’t want to withhold this one from you. This much in advance: The somewhat strange title alludes to Texas – that’s where the crew went on a three-week trip to hit up the insane winch spots in the edit.

Part of the team and hence of the trip are Maxime Giry, Andrew Pastura, Cole Craiss and Travis Belsito. The mood of the whole crew, their level of tricks, the spots and also the editing of the video all convince right down the line. No doubt, there’s a lot of work behind the project, because winching – especially as a wakeskater – is anything but easy. All the more reason to watch the 10-minute video and support the guys from Water Monsters.


What really stuck with us are creative tricks such as the FS Wally Shove out at minute 3:33 and the BS Big Spin Frontboard at the massive ledge at 05:36. But also in general the flow and the creativity of the tricks. The artificial waterfall (minute 2:36) seems to be made just for wakeskating. But also difficulty of the tricks, it should be stressed again, is impressive. There are several 360 Flips by Max and of course, how could it be otherwise, a fare share of crashes that round off the whole thing. Andrew from Water Monster puts it like this:

“Texas always will always be a special place for wakeskating. The crew, the classic spots, and new gems all made us leave already wanting to plan the next one.” – Andrew Pastura

Maxime Giry on his way to work
Backside Bigspin down a massive gap – no biggie

One last mention for all those who are now hooked and want a fan article for eternity: there’s currently a limited edition photo magazine with 36 pages up for grabs in the Water Monster Shop.

Hats of to the crew for this very nice video! This is exactly how wakeskating should look and feel like. We’re already looking forward to a new edition. Keep on pushing!