Winch Away: Trippin’ Copenhagen

Copenhagen. What a stunning city. Not only for wakeboarders, but even for those. That’s what Oli Breumlund and his crew showcases in “Winch Away”.

Nothing better than tripping through your hometown with a winch? Oli Breumlund and his crew from Copenhagen did exactly that.


And yeah, Denmarks capital and it’s surroundings got all you wish for an extended winch-trip. Good thing Oli has got a Sculpture E-Winch, because like this it’s even possible to hit spots in busy areas without getting too much attention.

This clip is a must watch:

Maybe the boys may not have been the first, having the idea to hit the historic Nyhavn with a Wakeboard. But Joachim Clausen, Richard Sitranen, Kasper Laugensen, Alexander Kaiser and Oli behind the lens, simply did it.

Of course they found so much more spots which made their trip one to remember. Not only inner city but also in the area around.

Wakeboarding needs more projects like this one. It shows the fun and creates so much spirit, that not only boys and girls with winching-background, enjoy watching.

Inconspicuous: Sculpture Winch in downtown Copenhagen
Historic sceenery ...
... and modern buildings. Copenhagen got it all.

“Some of my best memories in wakeboard comes from winching. I wanted to show that everybody can have fun with it and I wanna inspire more people to do it.” – Oli Breumlund

In case you’re curious to hear more about that trip, watch out for what Oli got to tell us in a few days. Check back to our website for this soon!


By the way: Oli hit one of those spots and scored a gallery shot in our The Cable Issue No. 5. If you haven’t seen it yet, go order your copy now in our Onlineshop.


Photos: Sitranen, Zemanova, Clausen