ZMT Tape: Full Movie

Low budget doesn’t mean, that there is no fun. If you watch the ZMT Tape you might see, it’s maybe the opposite around.

This Movie showcases exactly what wakeboarding is all about: having a good time. These boys – and one girl – know how it’s done right.

One winch, a map of spots around and off they go. That’s what the ZMT Crew did. Mighty drops, sweet ledges and handrails is what they found. Accompanied by some good old wakepark sessions this is something to get into the mood for riding.

Hunter Thane | Photo: Dylan Mead

Part of the plan was, to use Mini DV cams and get everything on tape. Not only those massive tricks which pro riders show, but something more relatable. At least a bit.

In the end, this project should motivate all those who watch it, to do the same. And yes, they reached this goal.

Wakeboarding means having a good time with friends. Not only at the wakepark, but everywhere wakeboarding is possible. At least if you get your hands on a winch. So if you got one in your basement, get it out and shred. If not: maybe built or buy one together with some friends. It might be the beginning of some good times.

That’s pretty much it. But of course all those being part of this movie should be named at least once: Hunter Thane, Matt Gagnon, Hannah Mennega, Dylan Mead, Derek Pontoon, Gibby Corcoran, Ethan Weaver, Tyler Gebben und Scot Ferwerda. Maybe we get to hear and see more of them in the future. For those who want to know what shortcut ZMT stands for: Zeachmudatriangle. Whatever that means… 😉

Here is on top a small gallery:

Dylan Mead | Photo: Luke Swope
Hannah Mennega | Photo: Dylan Mead
Hunter Thane | Photo: Luke Swope
Dylan Mead | Photo: Katie Meyerdirk
Hannah Mennega | Photo: Dylan Mead
Matt Gagnon | Photo: Dylan Mead
Dylan Mead | Photo: Hannah Mennega
Matt Gagnon | Photo: Dylan Mead
Matt Gagnon | Photo: Dylan Mead

The crew already let us know, that this will be continued. We will be watching out for the next one. And maybe this is on top motivation for others to follow that idea.