Zuupack: Call of the Wild

The Zuupack crew around the creative mind behind the cam, Maxx Evan, set off on a road trip through the west of the USA to visit a bunch of wake parks and make the odd winch stop. The call of the wild is really fitting, at least some of the time!

It’s projects like this that we love, that stick in your head, that promote wakeboard culture and are therefore so important. Zuupack has stayed true to creating cool content and sharing it with the world since we first put these guys on our radar.

Now the West has called to conquer the roads of the USA with a fat SUV and an even fatter trailer, as well as some stuff in their luggage. Also on board: Jonn Bonet, Gabe Menendez, Bobby Trammell, Maxx Evan, Victor Garcia, Luke Holmes and a few guest appearances by other well-known guys.

The man in front of and behind the cam: Maxx Evan

From the private bi-level spot The Levee in Texas, where Dylan Miller enriched the session with a few hits, they continued towards Hydrous Wake in Little Elm, also in Texas. The following 1500 miles, or almost 2500 kilometers, are half a world trip for Europeans–in the USA it’s only one take away and the guys were already in Pismo Beach on the Pacific coast of California. In addition to Santa Monica Beach, Wake Island and Velocity Island Wake Park were also on the agenda. The latter included a pretty cool double line session and a guest appearance by wakeskater Keaton Bowlby.

Cut. And on to Colorado. On the way, they stopped for a winch sesh and then payed Imondi Wake Zone a visit. A park which is rather unknown in our part of the world. Finally, they ended at the Action Wake Park in Hudsonville, Michigan. If you’re a bit geography-savvy, you’ll be thinking: “Huh? There’s another 1500 miles in between?” Sounds strange, but it is. At this point, we won’t ask any more questions, but instead we’ll pop in a nice gallery of snapshots from the tour.

What remains are the good vibes that the trip radiates. Lots of heavy rail hits and also some air tricks that you don’t immediately think of when you hear “Zuupack”. Really good in any case! Thanks for that. We look forward to another sequel.