16 minutes Zuupack from Lithuania!

Yes! What a Christmas present. The Zuupack crew releases the wakeboard video of their Lithuania trip from 2022 just in time for Christmas Eve – and the vibe is right! Merry Christmas!

Not the whole Zuupack crew, but three of the guys, namely Maxx Evan, Luke Holmes and Jonn Bonet, made the trip to Lithuania. The country that has become an absolute hotspot for cable wakeboarding in the past years and this hasn’t gone by the crew unnoticed. Included in the video is of course the world famous 313 Cable Park in Palanga, but also the no less spectacular Vanduo Marse in Kaunas. The trip continues to the capital Vilnius. There, Wake Way and Wake Inn Vilnius, as well as Splash Wake Park were on the agenda (the latter, by the way, will be converted to a full-size cable in 2023). The crew is hot, has checked out everything and also the production is great. Maxx Evan himself sums it up as follows:

“The initial idea behind the edit was to really show the US that the dream is still possible, that the Cable scene is alive and well internationally. After covid a lot of defeat has been felt in regards to wakeboarding and it’s progression toward greater legitimacy. We wanted to show a break in the pointlessness, that there’s still something worth achieving and not just for yourself but for your squad or team. That wakeboarding definitely looks different and that’s not a bad thing.” – Maxx Evan
Jonn Bonet and a a beautiful tap at Vanduo Marse

As stated, the team idea is a big with the Zuupack one so is the friends section. Included in the video are: Konni Lehndorff, Luke Carrick, Gavin Stuckey, Manu Troch, Liam Brearly, Jay Hawley, Sam de Haan, Joe Battleday, Trent Stuckey, Henri Dollenberg, Riley Dillon, Locky Fort and Gavin Giglio. Awesome bunch of riders and nice to see the guys making some European friends right away! Quite appropriately, the edit is called “Su Meile; Ačiū Lithuania” which translates to “With love; Thank you Lithuania.” We’re pretty confident, these wakeparks will have a significant and lasting impact on the wakeboard scene in the years to come. And now sit back and enjoy the show:

Jonn Bonet with a Method at Splash Wake Park

The Zuupack Crew is the epitome of a new wakeboard generation from the States. We’re a big fan of these guys, their media output and their love for wakeboarding.