Mystic – The Wake Collective

Mit Vollgas in die neue Saison! Bei Mystic hat man sich gerüstet und in den letzten Monaten fleißig an der neuen Wakeboard-Kollektion gearbeitet. Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen und wird im “The Wake Collective” Edit vom starken Team rund um Dominik Hernler, Antoine Allaux und anderen dem verdienten Praxistest unterzogen. 

Mystics Einschätzung zur neuen Wakeboard-Kollektion 2018:

“Breaking boundaries can be a personal mission, as well as a team effort. And while individual action does matter, it is power in numbers that allows a difference here and there to spark a revolution. Our Team Riders represent every inch of our brand. They strive to be the best and are dedicated to the cause. But at the foundation of everything they set their sights on, is fun. Play is an essential part of life, for everyone, and it’s the enjoyment part that feeds the energy and fuels the desire to overcome the challenging road to success. After all, victory belongs to the most persevering.

“Mystic proudly presents their new 2018 Spring/Summer collection for Wakeboarding. Within this collection you will find all you need whether you are new to the sport or on your way to break the boundaries. Our designers are in close communication with our riders and have combined their on-water experiences with new trends, fabrics and innovations in order to deliver top quality products. 

In addition to all the amazing products for on the water, Mystic also wants you to look good on the streets or next to the cable. Our mission is to create exceptional clothing for the sports we are so passionate about. Every year, our task is to create something that we have never done before. In order to do this, we focus on our vision, design, innovation, style, attention to detail and premium quality. 

Our collections are a reflection of our way of life and how we live it. Wander off the beaten path and choose your own. We want to create products that push riders further. Products that reflect our unique vision, our style and we won’t stop until we get it to where we want it to be. 

Enjoy the ride with the all-new Mystic wake collection.”

Die Mystic Wetsuits, Westen und Klamotten checkt ihr am besten auf – die Seite macht auf jeden Fall Laune!